All About

Calligraphy is the art of writing beautifully.

It's a way of expressing beauty by forming letters artistically with thick and thin strokes, and delicate flourishes.

Calligraphy is a fun and easy to learn inexpensive hobby that has also got a practical side to it. Once you get thorough in this field you can move further as a professional calligraphist having various options such as,

  • Creating Designer Greeting & Invitation Cards
  • Creating Announcements
  • Designing Certificates & Business cards
  • Creating Designer book logos, monograms & Posters
  • Creating Motivational Art Prints
  • Creating titles for magazines and films

The recent diverse applications also extend to paintings, maps and legal documents, cut stone inscriptions, ceramics, memorial documents and other types of handmade presentations.

We choose the most effective and practical materials for our students that are combined with different teaching aids. Class sessions are enhanced with efficient teaching methods which are both modern and scientific.

Our effective and interactive teaching method provides a relaxing and interesting learning environment that helps our students achieve their study aim in easy way. Our training goes beyond the use of calligraphic pens and we specially make students learn the lettering styles occurring on the basis of typography.

Our Features

Proven methodology

Our Handwriting Improvement therapy is scientifically modulated to suit students need.


Fluency is the ability to carry out the motor movements required for handwriting smoothly, easily, comfortably and readily.


Speed is the rate at which handwriting is produced in relation to a student's developmental stage.

Thought processes

Clearer thought processes for the writer - No longer having to struggle with the "how" of writing.

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