School gives handwriting training to students, whether the students will come to franchise for handwriting improvement ?

We have altogether different programs for handwriting improvement which are designed after lot of R & D by our experts . School teaches the students , how to write and we teach how to write beautifully. More over our program offers 100% results with individualized training which is not possible in a class of 40 students or more.

Why should I sign up ?

Commercially viable and successful business model • 100 % results assured • Individualized training to each child • Excellent ROI and quick break even • Low investment and minimum risk

How long does it takes to open the Franchise ?

After signing the formal agreement it normally takes 4 to 6 weeks to start the entire operations.

When can I Break Even ?

The break even point varies from location to location , however, the USP of our business model is the faster pay back period and the quick break even point. Under ideal conditions, it is achievable between 2-3 months.

What about the teachers and their training ?

We assist in recruitment of suitable teachers for the franchise and also provide proper guideline for the same. Once the teachers are shortlisted a proper training is provided to them FREE of cost with all necessary manuals and guidelines .

Is the training to the teachers is one time ?

Training is the most important support required for the franchise and it is the ongoing process which is provided repeatedly to the teachers. During the training sessions the problems faced by individual child are discussed which helps in providing 100% results to the students.

What kind of Marketing support do I get ?

A proper marketing plan prepared through Experts & Professionals with proven track record is provided to the franchisee along with attractive designs of Handbills, Events, Hoardings, Kiosks, Brochures etc. Joint Handwriting competitions are organized to create awareness regarding the franchise.

What about the Study material for the courses ?

We provide the complete kit designed and prepared by the leading experts of the industry for each course. The study material are regularly updated by our Research Team which would be passed to the franchisee after a proper training to their teachers.

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