Handwriting Improvement

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Why to improve your handwriting?

Number of studies has proved that examination success is strongly connected with handwriting quality.

Bad handwriting disturbs the educational and learning progress resulting to disappointment and failure!

Due to bad handwriting most of the time teachers misinterpret what is written which ends up in awarding low marks. Clearly written examination papers generate optimistic energy and attract the teacher to award good marks.

The art of handwriting has been of primary concern for many educationists from a long time. For some people, good penmanship comes naturally whereas for others it’s a struggle to just to make it legible. If you fall into the latter category then there are ways you can go about improving your handwriting.

Here at Saras, we teach and concentrate on the right way of writing by training the students with our scientifically developed techniques. The course designed at Saras has successfully broken the myth that handwriting can be improved only in children; through this course we can correct handwriting at any age with 100% guarantee of improvement in readability.

Our Features

Proven methodology

Our Handwriting Improvement therapy is scientifically modulated to suit students need.


Fluency is the ability to carry out the motor movements required for handwriting smoothly, easily, comfortably and readily.


Speed is the rate at which handwriting is produced in relation to a student's developmental stage.

Thought processes

Clearer thought processes for the writer - No longer having to struggle with the "how" of writing.

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